Private Recruiting Events

Interview, Evaluate, and Hire. We'll handle the rest.
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How it Works

With DiversityX private events, we work exclusively with your team to launch effectively designed recruiting events as part of your overall talent acquisition strategy, whether you’re an early stage startup or Fortune 500 company.

1. Contact Us!
Fill out the form below with some basic information for us to contact you!
2. Event Specialist Meeting
Connect on the phone with your event specialist so we can learn more about the details of your hiring desired event.
3. Candidate Optimization
Our Team will compile dozens of candidates that fit your ideal profile to ensure quality hires.
4. Show up to your event!
We’ll manage the candidate registration, setup, and support. Its your event, we’ll handle everything else!
Does This Sound Like You?
You are hiring multiple roles or high-turnover positions.
You need qualified candidates quickly and urgently.
You are located in an underserved market for a traditional job fair.
You’re running short on internal resources or expertise.
The Problem:

The longer your positions remain unfilled, the lower your production, higher stress on current employees, and lost market share to your competitors.

The Solution:

DiversityX private recruiting events give you access to quality candidates without the hassle of prescreening and scheduling interviews.

We'll handle all of the grunt work while you interview and hire candidates!

Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike trust DiversityX as their #1 source for job fairs across the country.
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"The quality of your job fairs are second to none. I will definitely be attending more in the future."
- Marshall S.
"The candidate turnout exceeded my expectations. Thoroughly impressed. Will definitely be back again."
- Sasha W.
"DiversityX did an incredible job advertising this event. We have extended 10 job offers from this event."
- Darrell J.
  • “We’ve had such a great experience working with DiversityX and their team. They delivered dozens of incredible candidates in such a short time, we cannot recommend their services more!
  • “After working with dozens of Job Fair companies in the past, we have never seen better results than with DiversityX.”
  • “Such an incredible team to work with, DiversityX went above and beyond to ensure we hired all the candidates we needed!”
  • “We pride ourselves in our diverse team, no other Job Fair company was ever able to deliver quality, diverse candidates like DiversityX.”
Private Events
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